Wednesday, 5 November 2008

The Dawn Of A New day: On Show Before The World – The Black Family In All Its Beauty, Elegance And Power

At 11 PM Eastern Standard Time in the United States of America, Barack Hussein Obama was crowned the greatest inspirational political figure in human history.

After almost two years of relentless campaigning, whistle-stop tours, public appearances, eclectic speeches and finally the blow out electoral mandate from what can only be described as the greatest historical political election machinery of all time, cemented Barack Obama as America’s first Black President of the United States.

The whole world sat in awe – spellbound by the charismatic atmosphere which enveloped the consciousness of men and women, kings and queens, presidents and pope, rich and poor, Black and White…

In my lifetime, the world has had in its recent history, three dramatic paradigmatic shifts:- (1) the Berlin Wall came down in 1989 (2) the Twin Towers in NY fell in 2001 (3) A Black man suitably named OBAMA* became President of the United States of America in 2008.

All that’s left to happen is for JESUS* to come back again!!!

On the dawn of a new day.

With the making of history, what stood out more forceful than even the unanimous victory for Barack and the Democrats was the “IMAGE” of the transcendent, transformational, timeless portrait of the Black family in all its glory as President Obama, Michelle and their daughters stood proud before the whole world.

Never again, will the “Image” of the Black family be held up to the historical smear job done to it by the forces of malignant evil which had perpetrated a lie for hundreds of years, if not thousands.

Never again should any Black man, Black Father, Black son or Black brother have an excuse to forfeit his responsibility to his wife or children or for the Black woman not to be the “Rock” God intended for her to be within her family.

I believe the time has come and in the immortal words of President-Elect Obama – “Yes We Can”…

We are reminded in the Sacred Scriptures that the prophets longed to see these days that we have been blessed to live in. Yet so cherish these greatest of times, yet worst of times.

Now is the time for shared HOPE*.

Now is the time for shared values.

Now is the time for Black folks to rise up and experience the God-given opportunities which we have been given and do all that we can by the grace we have been given to assume our rightful place in the world.

The hope of planet earth lies within the bosom of the Black family.

No longer can we afford to be marginalised, disenfranchised and deprived of the right to forge the eternal bonds of unity, oneness and purpose as a people.

We must work within our families to remove the generational curses of marital breakdown, single-parent homes, drug-dependent youths, welfare stranded individuals, uneducated relics of the past and the treacherous ghost of the legacy of human slavery imposed on our foreparents as a blot upon the souls of a people.

The Black family stands as the last great beacon of moral virtue and hope in a world tether-tottering on the precipice of extinction and annihilation.

Never will we allow the “Light” on a hill to be extinguished by the forces of cynicism, doubt and fear.

We must reflect that "Eternal Flame" which is Christ in every aspect of life.

We must show the world that when God created man from the soil of the ground that He wanted to exemplify to the entire Universe the power of His Glory in the human family – Black men, White men, Latino men, Asian men and every child of Adam’s race.

Today is indeed the dawn of a new day.

We are now left without excuse!!!

Be inspired!!!

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